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Benefits of Having a Family Doctor Nearby - Access Health Care Physicians, LLC

Family doctors are the primary healthcare providers you visit for a variety of reasons. When you have a problem that does not require emergency care. Your family doctor serves as your first point of contact whenever you need medical attention. Whether you're experiencing sudden flu symptoms or dealing with an unexpected rash, your family doctor offers treatment options for a wide variety of problems.

Having a go-to family physician near you provides continuity of care, which is frequent contact between a patient and their doctor. Continuity of care has been linked to lower mortality, improved patient confidence, and higher satisfaction. When it comes to doctor-patient relationships, trust plays a big role as a doctor is more likely to disclose important information about themselves to someone they have known well for a while. It is also helpful to have a doctor who knows your health history as this helps in making a better-informed diagnosis and providing advice specifically tailored to you.

Most Americans often use the ER as their primary source of care because they are unaware of the benefits of having a primary care physician. Here are 4 main reasons why you should have a family doctor:

1. PCPs Follow Your Life Cycle
Family doctors are known to treat patients of different age groups. From toddlers to teenagers and middle-aged people. A primary care physician typically treats the same patients for a wide range of conditions over many years and even decades. You can start seeing a family doctor at any stage in your life. Staying with the same doctor means you are building a long-lasting relationship with them, allowing the doctor to really get to know you and offer you the best treatment options.

2. They Understand Your Family History
One benefit of seeing the same doctor over the course of several years is how well they know you know your body and your medical history. They understand your health tick, habits, and just general state of being. This gives them an advantage when it comes to diagnosing and treating you. Going back frequently for checkups allows your PCP to watch for medical red flags and monitor any changes in your health over the years. When you go to a "family" doctor who has actually treated you and your family for generations, it allows them to record an accurate and thorough family health history. They can spot triggers and red flags that they might have seen in a previous generation, recommending genetic counseling to rule out any risks to you.

3. They Are an Excellent Health Resource
Beyond specialists, family doctors and primary care physicians are the best health resources. They offer a combination of personalized care with extensive family history knowledge, allowing them to create an environment of great health resources for you and your family. They are not there just for annual general check-ups. Family doctors also help you navigate chronic conditions and serious illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

4. They Assist With Finding Specialists
In the case of serious medical conditions, your family doctor helps you come up with a course of action to help you navigate through this overwhelming period. Be it heart disease or cancer, when you need a medical specialist, your family doctor is your best guide as they find someone who best suits your specific needs, preferences and personality.

If you want to lead a healthy life with a trusted and skilled medical professional by your side, contact Access Health Care Physicians to find the primary care physician best suited for you. Our family doctors are experienced in dealing with a variety of conditions and follow a compassionate care approach. We have locations throughout Florida to better serve you. Find a doctor near you today by visiting our physician directory.

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